Think carefully about the following:

Life chose You! You cannot live your Life! Life lives You! It’s not your job to live your life! That’s Life’s job! Life is what we call God! It’s God’s job to live You! It is your job to be conscious of it. It’s your job to express Life flowing in You! It is your job to create with Life and share it! Your job to see God in everyone and everything else!

No, you cannot live Life. But you can feel it, express it, and share the beauty of God living You. You cannot change your Life! It’s not your Life to change! Life can never change! For Life is God! But you can change the way you express Life!


Everyone is looking for the Truth. In this unconscious, fragmented and divided world, Real Truth has become hard to discern, even though it has always been right there in front of our faces since the beginning. This Real Truth is what I call the “First Truth”. We must know this first truth before we can recognize discern and become conscious of the Truth in anything else. Once we know this Truth, it will set us free just as the Master Teacher said it will.

So what are “First Truths? Of course I can’t fit them all into this post, but let me begin with a main one.

There is only One Life! One Life that lives us all. One Life that flows in and through all. Without the one Great Life, we would not be here. So we are dependents, offspring, and children of the One Great Life. This is an “I Am” Truth. Or “I Am” a dependent of the One Great Life. Or, “I Am” a Child of God. This is a “First Truth” of our Real Identity we must always be conscious of. “Become like children”.

It sounds so simple and basic. However, because of all the distractions, fear based teachings and confusion in this unconscious world, many have become unaware of their true identity. In fact, many have flat out denied or rejected their True Identity as offspring of God. Instead, they take on a false identity of someone or some thing outside self.

There are other aspects of the “First Truth” such as Good, Peace, Love and more. All of these are in the One Omnipresent Life and accessible to us if we remain conscious of the “First Truth.”


If you know, not who you are, you will know not what you do.” The world is suffering from an identity crisis. This is because most remain unconscious of their True Divine Identity. What do we mean True Divine Identity? Well, there is One Life that lives us all. We are all dependents of that One Life. If dependents, then children. Yes, we are all Children of God. This is the First Truth we must know in order to remain conscious of our True Identity.

Contrary to popular belief, Christ’s main purpose for coming here was to help us become conscious of our True Divine Identity. That’s right, and if you go back and read his teachings keeping this in mind, you will see that he longed for us to know who we are.

So instead of looking outside ourselves in the unconscious world for someone or some thing to identify with, why not take the on your True Identity? Then you shall no longer do as the unconscious world does.



Many search outside self for identity. They may join a religion, a political party, a movement, a corporation, organization, and even a gang. To be identified is such a strong longing that some will even kill for identity and even die for recognition. But unless each of us learn how to become conscious of our True Divine Identity, we will never be able to satisfy our longing. You see, unless we change the environment within, we cannot change the environment without.

Do You long to know who You are?

You are God... Living You! We All are!

All You have to do is become conscious of it and take back Your True Divine Identity.

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