Become Conscious of Your Divine Nature!
Discover the Real You!

Our intention is to help you think about consciousness, who you really are, where you come from, Divine Nature, Universal Frequency and Oneness. How becoming conscious of our Divine Nature might help us to look at Life from a different perspective. How that might affect what’s most important in Life, how it can affect the way we feel inside, our health, how it can improve relationships, free us from the bondage of fear and living each day in survival mode. For more information about Oneness Workshop visit our About Page.

Many think that answers to all their dreams,  expectations for happiness, peace and love are out there in the world somewhere waiting to be discovered. But we are beginning to learn that Life is not about searching for love, happiness and peace outside “Self”! Life is about discovering that you are Love, Joy and Peace. Life is about sharing Love and Peace together. How can you fight for something you already are? Stop allowing yourself to be distracted, striving to obtain what you already are within. Become Conscious of your Divine Nature. You are not imperfect! You were just programmed to feel inadequate and unconscious of your Divine Perfection! Be Perfect! The one who made you is!  You were designed to resonate to Perfection.

Some of the thoughts you read here may seem different from what we’ve been taught. Our intention is not to make you believe what we’ve written. But to consider some ideas in a different way.

No one taught consciousness of our Divine Nature better than the Great Teacher Jesus. His teachings are just so common sense and if we test them out, proof can be seen that being conscious of our Divine Nature really works. So in this booklet, we are taking a very opened minded approach regarding Jesus’ teachings about Consciousness.

Myrtle Fillmore, a New Thought pioneer in the late 1800’s, explains in her letter “How to Let God Heal You” the kind of relationship we can have with our Father as His Divine Children: