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Law has nothing to do with pure Divine Love and Light. Law is a symptom and an absolute result of unconsciousness.

Wherever you find unconsciousness, there you will find law. Wherever you find law, there you will find disobedience. You cannot have law without disobedience. They go hand in hand, in an unconscious world. The more laws you come up with, the more disobedience you will have. Law becomes necessary in an unconscious world. It has to be there.


However, law cannot and never will exist within the pure Divine Nature of Love and Light. As we become more conscious of our Divine Nature, we will notice that law, along with disobedience begins to fade away. You see dear friend, there really is no right or wrong in a fully Conscious State. There is only pure Divine Nature. So stop focusing on fighting disobedience with law. You will only feed energy to it. It WILL grow like a monster and consume you.


Instead, when we individually start focusing on discovering our Divine Nature that's always been there inside of us, becoming fully conscious of it, we will be amazed at how quickly law and disobedience will fade away. The more we enter into the State of Divine Consciousness the less we will be part of the unconscious world.


This will all sound crazy and like complete madness to an unconscious person in an unconscious world. But I guarantee you, this stuff works. This stuff should be taught 101 in every school. Who among us has Faith enough, has guts enough, to stand up, take the lead and try it? Even as an experiment on a small scale. Unless we enter into a State of full Divine Consciousness of who we are as God's Children, law and disobedience will be there.


The Good News! Mark these words! The day will come when each and every individual will be conscious of their Divine Nature. When each and every individual will be a Master of their Divine Self and never again a slave to someone or some thing outside themselves. There is no better government than Divine Self Government and there is no better control than Divine Self Control.  The only real government that will ever work, is the one that resides in the hearts and minds of those who are conscious of their Divine Nature. Could this be the Kingdom Jesus was referring to? Entering into a state or realm of total Divine Consciousness. One of knowing that we ARE Divine Children of God.


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